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Poultry ManureOur fully composted, premium poultry manure base is the foundation of our entire range.  Composted fully undercover this biologically activated organic base, rich in readily available nutrients, supplies a wide variety of minerals and organic microbe foods to your plants. Available in Pellets, Granules & Fines, this product is a BFA/ACO Certified Organic Allowable Farm & Garden Input. To read why our products work as well as they do, be sure to read our product information guide below.

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Home Garden

150g - 300g per square metre in the vegetable garden and around established shrubs. Suitable for use on natives at lower rates.

Commercial Vegetables & Vine Fruit Production

500 - 2500kg/Ha as a pre-plant application depending on the type and quantity of other soil inputs.

Tree Crops

250 - 500kg/Ha depending on age of trees or 500g per tree for each year of the tree's age, up to 4kg. Apply under trees with more around the drip line. Apply in Spring and Autumn.

Broad Acre Crops

75kg - 150kg/Ha in the furrow with the seed as a biological activator.


200 - 1000kg/Ha after grazing in Winter. Over Winter the pellets will incorporate in the top soil and help initiate greater biological activity increases growth in Spring.

  Nitrogen (N)  3.78% Iron (Fe) 4013mg/kg
  Phosphorous (P) 2.11% Manganese (Mn) 634mg/kg
  Potassium (K)  2.93% Copper (Cu) 167mg/kg
  Sulphur (S)  0.55% Zinc (Zn) 410mg/kg
  Calcium (Ca) 4.08% Boron (B) 54.5mg/kg
  Magnesium (Mg) 870mg/kg Molybdenum (Mo) 13.53mg/kg
  Silicon (Si) 1334mg/kg Cobalt 2.68mg/kg
  Carbon (C) 36.90%    

Analysis Report Sample Date – 11th November, 2019 – Lab Job No. i7786
Environmental Analysis Laboratory – SCU 

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