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    give your plants the best start
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    for lush green grass
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    for nutritious organic fruit & veg
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    improved blends for more yield
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    for more roses
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    perfectly composted for maximum growth
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    bring your garden to life
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    new improved blend for more fruit, flowers & veg
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    customised blends to suit soil and crop
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    for more flowers

About Terra Firma Fertilisersproduct info guide

Since 1987, Terra Firma Fertilisers has specialised in the manufacture of organic and organic based fertilisers to suit the needs from the budding gardener to the commercial grower. Our clients in Australia extend from the Ord River in Kununurra, Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, Victoria through to Tasmania, along with our international export customers.

Our products are available in loose bulk, bulk 1 tonne bag, 25kg, 5kg and soon to be released 15kg sizes. We are a family owned 100% Australian Made business and are proud of our products and pride them on being the best quality, and of great value to our growers. We thank you for choosing our products and giving your plants the nutrients they need.

The heart of our range is our composted poultry manure base.
If you are a grower, please download our Product Information Guide here.


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