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    give your plants the best start
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    for lush green grass
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    for nutritious organic fruit & veg
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    improved blends for more yield
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    for more roses
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    perfectly composted for maximum growth
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    bring your garden to life
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    new improved blend for more fruit, flowers & veg
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    customised blends to suit soil and crop
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    for more flowers

New improved blend for more fruit, veg and flowers        

A supercharged fully composted, biologically activated organic fertiliser specifically designed to include 4 forms of Natural Nitrogen, 4 forms of Natural Phosphorus, 3 forms of Natural Potassium, 4 forms of Calcium, 2 forms of Sulphur & 2 forms of Silicon. Why so many? Plant growth is all about the availability of nutrients to the plant. By designing a fertiliser that offers more than one form with different complimentary release times, allows the plant to uptake the nutrients when needed. This product is BFA/ACO Certified Organic Allowable Farm & Garden Input.   

Download full product information guide here                                                            

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  • For Lush Green Grass for Lawns, Resorts, Fairways, Sporting Fields.

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  • Composted Full undercover to avoid nutrient leaching. BFA Certified Organic

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  • Ideal for Flowers, Fruit & Veg
    High Performance. BFA Certified Organic

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  • Our new Organics Plus Range - All-in-one Soil Conditioner Pellets

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