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    give your plants the best start
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    for lush green grass
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    for nutritious organic fruit & veg
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    improved blends for more yield
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    for more roses
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    perfectly composted for maximum growth
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    bring your garden to life
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    new improved blend for more fruit, flowers & veg
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    customised blends to suit soil and crop
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    for more flowers

For lush green grass

Grassmaster’s new formulation using bio-catalyst protected high-analysis nitrogen and phosphate fertilisers to produce excellent results for your lawn, turf, pasture, fairways and resorts.  With it’s easy to spread granules, the high level of humic acid in Grassmaster not only stimulates beneficial soil fungi, but also solubilises iron and improves its availability to the roots and leaf delivering you a greener then green lawn.

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  • For Lush Green Grass for Lawns, Resorts, Fairways, Sporting Fields.

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  • Composted Full undercover to avoid nutrient leaching. BFA Certified Organic

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  • Ideal for Flowers, Fruit & Veg
    High Performance. BFA Certified Organic

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  • Our new Organics Plus Range - All-in-one Soil Conditioner Pellets

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