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    give your plants the best start
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    for lush green grass
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    for nutritious organic fruit & veg
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    improved blends for more yield
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    for more roses
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    perfectly composted for maximum growth
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    bring your garden to life
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    new improved blend for more fruit, flowers & veg
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    customised blends to suit soil and crop
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    for more flowers


New Improved fertilisers for even more growth!

We know that health starts in the soil. Nutrient enriched plants are healthy plants. They produce more leaves, more flowers and more nourishing food, fruit and vegetables.  With this in mind we have listened to our growers, and have recently overhauled our products, with your results our motivation!

We have examined the needs of our plants and growers in today’s growing climate and conditions.  The extreme fluctuations in weather, demands that products work and be smarter than before, they need to feed and strengthen to sustain these conditions. To achieve this we have reviewed our processes, looked at the latest research and sourced the best inputs in formulating our new range. Our trials and feedback has been fantastic. We are proud of them and am sure your plants are going to love them as much as we do.


  • For Lush Green Grass for Lawns, Resorts, Fairways, Sporting Fields.

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  • Composted Full undercover to avoid nutrient leaching. BFA Certified Organic

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  • Ideal for Flowers, Fruit & Veg
    High Performance. BFA Certified Organic

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  • Our new Organics Plus Range - All-in-one Soil Conditioner Pellets

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